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Music plays an important part in the school curriculum. The scheme of work gives opportunities for listening, composing and performing through both instrumental work and voice. All children have weekly music lessons and are encouraged to become enthusiastic, confident, creative musicians. Children are also encouraged to take part in the many extra-curricular musical activities such as instrumental lessons and orchestra.

A Guide to Music Tuition


St Oswald’s provides instrumental lessons during school hours. Places are issued on a first come first serve basis. In the event that tuition groups become full, your child will be placed on a waiting list.


We currently offer:


Class Lessons (no charge)

- Recorder - Year 3

Individual / Group Lessons


Lessons consist of flute and clarinet depending on age and experience.




Lessons consist of trumpet and cornet for children in Year 4 or above.


Lessons commence within school time, it is therefore likely that children will miss a small portion of class lesson time, (approximately 15-20 mins). However, individual instrument groups are rotated every term into a different time slot so children are not absent for the same lesson consecutively.



The cost of music tuition is at a subsidised rate of £35 per term for flute, clarinet, guitar, violin and brass.  This is for a minimum of 33 lessons over the school year.


Please note that music tuition fees are due as early as possible in each new term.




Children who undertake music tuition need to have their own instrument. There are a number of options available.


1.       Purchase the instrument independently.


If you need advice on the correct size of instrument to purchase, tutors can notify the children in their first lesson. We can also recommend music shops to purchase instruments from.


2.     Purchase on your behalf.


St. Oswald’s can order an instrument for your child. Instruments purchases are made through Leeds Music Service, prices are modest as purchases exclude VAT.

Cost of instrument prices vary depending on the instrument type and size. Details will be sent if you decide for this option.


3.     Hire an instrument.


All instruments may be hired for £15 a term (£45 a year).

This may be a better option if you have concerns about your child changing their mind about having tuition at a later date.


Music Books


Each music tutor will use a particular music book from which to teach lessons. These details will be provided for by the tutor, and sent home with your child.


How to Apply


At the start of the academic year, children will be asked if they are interested in learning an instrument.

Applications for instrument tuition will be sent home with the child.


Please note that it would be useful to talk to your child beforehand to ascertain whether they would like to start learning an instrument and as a parent/guardian, you agree to the costs that are involved.




If your child receives free school meals, you may be entitled to free music tuition. However this bursary is not guaranteed and will need to be applied for by the school. If you would like to know more please visit the school office for more details.


Free Music Lessons


There are number of extra curricular music activities available in school provided for by members of staff. Children will be asked at the start of academic year if they would like to join.


Current Activities


-Choir Practice - Seasonal

1 hour after school.